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SMT Production and Application

SMT Production and Application

  SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology. America is the invention place of SMT. Since the world's first surface mount component appeared and Philips launched the first surface mount integrated circuit in 1963, SMT has developed from initially being mainly applied to the military, aviation, space and other high-end products and investment products to being widely applied to the computers, communications, military, industrial automation, consumer electronics and all walks of life. SMT develops very fast. After entering 1980s, SMT has become the most popular new generation of electronic assembly technology in the world, and is honored as a revolution of electronic assembly technology.

Application of MAC:

  SMT is closely related to our daily life. The computer, mobile phone, BP machine, printer, copier, handheld computer, electronic dictionary, electronic organizer, DVD, VCD, CD, walkman, camera, fax machine, microwave oven, high definition TV, digital camera, IC card, and many high-tech control systems with high integration degree, small volume and powerful function are manufactured through SMT. It can be said that without SMT as the basis, it is hard to imagine that we can use these rich and varied products.

Features of SMT:

  With SMT, the assembly density is higher, electronic product volume is smaller, weight is lighter, reliability is higher, earthquake resistant ability is enhanced, high frequency characteristic is good, the automation is easily realized, production efficiency is improved, and production cost is reduced. Generally, the product volume adopting SMT reduces by 40%-60%, and weight decreases by 60%-80%.

Components of SMT:

  It mainly consists of surface mount device (SMD), mounting technology and mounting equipment.


     1. Manufacturing technology: it means the conductive material printing, heating, correction, welding, molding technology during the SMD production.

     2. Product design: it means the design and definition of dimensional accuracy, electrode tip structure/appearance and heat resistance.

 3. Package Design: it means the package fitting for automatic mounting braid, tray or other forms mounting technology

Mounting technology includes:

1 Assembly process type: 

Single-sided/double-sided surface mounting, single-sided mixed mounting, and double-sided mixed mounting

   2. Welding way classification:

Wave soldering - choose welding machine, adhesive, soldering flux, solder and paster coating technology

Reflow welding - heating way includes infrared, infrared heating wind combination, VPS, hot plate, laser, etc

    3. Printed circuit board

Substrate materials - glass fiber, ceramic, metal plate

Circuit board design - graphic design, wiring, gap setting, make-up, SDM welding plate design and layout, SMT series equipment mainly include: Electric glue machine, silk-screen printing machine, chip mounter, reflow oven, automatic testing equipment and maintenance equipment, etc.